About Doctor Raakhee Mistry

Homeopath – MTech: Hom

Dr Raakhee Mistry is a registered homeopath working from Bryanston, Sandton, Johannesburg. She graduated from Natal Technikon in 1999 and has practiced in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Apart from running a practice, Dr Mistry lectured final year homeopathic students at the Witwatersrand Technikon.

She has supervised a number of research projects and also assisted as a clinician at the homeopathic clinic at the Witwatersrand Technikon. Dr Mistry has recently completed a Complimentary and Alternative course on Reproductive Health. She is passionate about homeopathy and treating holistically, in other words body, mind and emotions.

Homeopathy is a scientific system of healing which is based on the principles and laws of Nature. It is an effective system which merely assists the body’s natural tendency to heal itself. Homeopathic treatment is gentle, effective and without side-effects. When a person is treated homeopathically, not only is the complaint alleviated, but improvement in the person’s energy levels and moods also occur.

Dr Mistry has special interest in female hormonal health. She has found that a disrupted hormonal system not only affects menstrual cycles but can also cause other seemingly unrelated problems. Many hormonal problems often go undiagnosed resulting in patients not receiving the correct care.

Dr Mistry has also incorporated Body Alignment into her practice and has found this to benefit her patients greatly.

She also offers a basic homeopathic first aid course, teaching her patients how to use homeopathic remedies for minor illnesses and complaints.

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