Natural Fertility Treatment

Homeopathy Treatment - Treating a patient holistically.

Natural fertility treatment - for the regulation of hormones.

Difficulty falling and staying pregnant is a common and expensive problem facing many couples today. This problem can become so great that it can tear families apart. A natural, holistic approach is very necessary.

Most couples only start looking at fertility treatments when they are unable to conceive, but at Home Path Homeopathy, we believe that the problem starts long before and should be assessed at puberty.

Young ladies often experience hormonal imbalances at puberty can often point to fertility problems later. Usually these hormonal imbalances result in symptoms such as severe acne, irregular periods, painful periods, heavy periods and so forth. Conventionally these symptoms are treated using hormones or antibiotics. This form of treatment merely masks the hormonal imbalance but does not resolve it and can in fact cause the imbalance to worsen. All appears to be well until the lady attempts to conceive and then only is treatment sought to try to correct infertility.

Puberty, Conception and fertility AI and IVF.

Puberty is a transitional period from childhood leading to sexual maturity. The teenage body is filled with hormones that can cause havoc especially if diet and lifestyle are poor. Teenagers who are struggling with hormonal issues can gently and effectively be treated using homeopathic treatment.

Because homeopathy is holistic, not only will the patient’s physical complaints be treated, but also the mental and emotional aspects as well, resulting in a pleasant teenager who is able to focus and concentrate. Once the medicine has taken effect, not further medicine is necessary, because the hormonal imbalance would have been corrected. Puberty is the best time to treat possible infertility issues in young ladies.

Young men, usually don’t have too many issues at puberty. But delayed puberty is becoming an issue especially due the xenoestrogens (chemicals that mimic the effects of oestrogen) in our food and water supply.
Too much oestrogen can upset the testosterone levels in males leading to poor sperm quality.

This is usually only picked up once the couple are trying to conceive. Stress, poor diet, lack of exercise and insufficient sleep are factors that add to fertility issues and need to be addressed.

To assist a couple trying to conceive, it is important to look at the health of both the future mum and dad. The aim with homeopathic treatment is to produce a healthy egg and healthy sperm and in order to do that, we need healthy parents. A holistic approach is used to correct any lifestyle hindrances to achieving fertility and a combination of homeopathy and herbs are used to boost the body’s reproductive abilities.

Many couples first come for homeopathic assistance before undertaking conventional fertility treatments. This results in greater success in AI and IVF procedures. But homeopathic support doesn’t stop there. Once mum is pregnant, homeopathic remedies can be safely used to treat both mum and the developing baby. In fact, if mum is treated while pregnant, baby is healthier and less prone to the common complaints experienced by infants such as colic, reflux and allergies.

Homeopathy and menopause.

Homeopathy is also incredibly useful in alleviating menopausal symptoms. Here the lady is transitioning from higher quantities of reproductive hormones to lesser quantities of the hormones. The aim in homeopathy is to make this transition easier and quicker, so that the lady can move into the next phase of her life with ease.