Restore The Balance

Homeopathy Treatment - Treating a patient holistically.

Restore the balance in the body, and in homeopathic treatment.

Our bodies are constantly working to keep us in balance. This process happens without us being aware of the finer workings of our body. In physiology this process is called homeostasis. The body is constantly working on maintaining a constant and balanced internal environment, which requires persistent monitoring and adjustments as conditions change.

For example, if the body becomes too hot, adjustments are made to cool it down. Or if glucose levels in the blood rises after a meal, adjustments are made to get the glucose into cells and thereby bring the glucose levels in the blood down.

There are thousands of these processes happening every minute in our bodies without us being conscious of them. Homeostasis ensures that we stay at our optimum level of functioning. Homeostasis creates stability, balance and equilibrium.

Homeostatic balance.

Homeostasis is a delicate interplay of receptors, hormones and the Autonomic Nervous System (that is the part of the nervous system that we are not conscious of). When the homeostatic mechanism is operating optimally, we remain healthy. But when it starts to malfunction due to poor diet and lifestyle, dis-ease happens.
This is when medical treatment is required. Balance is the basis of Homeopathic treatment. Homeopaths believe that before symptoms appear, a deeper imbalance is created in the body.

Symptoms are signs of this imbalance. A skilled homeopath will use these symptoms to guide her/him to the imbalance and by using appropriately chosen homeopathic remedies, correct the imbalance.
Once balance has been re-established, the symptoms disappear, and no further medicines are required because balance has been restored. A proficient homeopath treats the cause and doesn’t focus on alleviating symptoms.

Making the body aware of the problem.

Homeopathy gently and delicately addresses the malfunctioning of the homeostatic mechanism and allows the mechanism to correct itself and thereby return the body to health. It does not attempt to correct the problem created by the malfunctioning homeostatic mechanism but rather make the body aware of the problem and allow it to correct itself.

This means that if the correct homeopathic remedy is given, the body will make the necessary adjustments and go back to ease. No further medication is then necessary.